Prayer Calendar Cover
2017 Prayer Calendar
$5 each • 10 for $19 • 20 for $29

Christians are persecuted for their faith all around the world. But when all seems lost, they cling to prayer and trust in Jesus Christ. The Voice of the Martyrs’ 2017 Prayer Calendar serves as a reminder to pray for both persecuted Christians and those who persecute them. VOM’s prayer calendar makes an excellent gift for family and friends. The prayer calendar is two gifts in one — a gift of prayer for our persecuted family and a gift to remind Christian friends to pray for the persecuted all year long.

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Tshirt, Wristband, I Am N Devotional and I Am N Book
I Am N Gift Pack
$35 each ($57 value)

Imagine waking up one morning to find a red spray-painted symbol on the front of your house identifying you as a Christian. The Arabic letter “N,” for nasara (Nazarene, to indicate Christians), was painted on the homes of Christians in Mosul, Iraq, by ISIS fighters. ISIS gave the Christians an ultimatum: convert to Islam, pay a tax, leave or be killed.

The I Am N pack makes a great gift and includes the following items: an I Am N book that includes 50 true stories of Christians who have faced Islamic extremists, an I Am N 90-day Devotional that includes stories, personal applications and prayer guides, and an I Am N T-shirt and wristband that will provide opportunities to share about our persecuted family members.

Our brothers and sisters have taken a stand for Christ. Are you N?

Torchlighters DVDs
Torchlighters 12-DVD Boxed Set
$45 each ($179 value) • 3 sets for $120

Your children or grandchildren will be encouraged by stories of faithful witnesses throughout Christian history who shared Christ on the front lines. These animated stories of missionaries, reformers, innovators and others who stood firm in difficult circumstances will inspire children in their faith, teaching them to trust in Christ whatever they may face. This boxed set includes the stories of Eric Liddell, Gladys Aylward, Jim Elliot, Samuel Morris, Amy Carmichael, William Booth, William Tyndale, John Bunyan, Richard Wurmbrand, Perpetua, St. Augustine and Corrie ten Boom. Each DVD includes a 30-minute episode plus background information, guides and extra features. All DVDs include English and Spanish audio and subtitles.

“I am 18 years old and have watched these multiple times, sometimes even on my own! They are SO inspiring and convicting and motivating. Often I am provoked to tears, as I believe those who truly take in the story may be, while I marvel at the faith of brave men and women such as Richard Wurmbrand, Perpetua, and Jim Elliot.”


“I am the director of Christian education for my church and have been bathed in Christian curriculum for over a decade. I am EXTREMELY impressed with this series.”

—S. Torok

“The kids want to watch them over and over again. They are so encouraging to my faith that I love watching them over and over, too!”

Extreme Devotion Books
Extreme Devotion
$9 each • 5 for $25

Start the year off right with this engaging devotional that includes 365 stories of persecuted Christians along with devotionals based on each person’s life. You will be encouraged in your daily walk with Christ through the examples of believers from around the world who have shown extreme devotion in sharing their faith with others. (Paperback, 365 pp.)

“This is a great book! I got it for Christmas and I have not missed a day of reading it. It will totally change the way you live your life and make a big impact on your faith. It will make you bolder for Christ and more thankful for all you have.”

The Witnesses Graphic Novel Cover
The Witnesses
$15 each • 5 for $45

Jesus walked among them and appeared to some of them after His death and resurrection, before ascending to heaven. This exciting graphic novel tells the stories not only of those who knew Christ during His earthly ministry but also of some in the early church who were martyred for their witness, including Perpetua, Justin Martyr and Polycarp. These courageous witnesses stopped at nothing to share the gospel of the risen Lord. (Paperback, 172 pp.)

The Apostle Graphic Novel Cover
The Apostle
$15 each • 5 for $45

Once a persecutor of Jesus’ followers, Saul of Tarsus would become His greatest apostle. This colorful and engaging graphic novel recounts the miraculous transformation of Saul the persecutor to Paul the Apostle outlined in the Book of Acts. The story includes his dramatic conversion on the road to Damascus as well as the epic missionary adventures that followed. (Paperback, 151 pp.)

“I pray that every parent will get this book [The Apostle] for their youngsters from 8 to 18. I pray they will give them to their non-English-speaking friends [and] … non-believing friends. It is an excellent vehicle to encourage reading, especially reading of Scripture, so that understanding the Bible might be made easier for those who have not been exposed to it, or have been hindered by a lack of education or language.”

—Pastor Roger M.
The Twelve Graphic Novel Cover
The Twelve
$15 each • 5 for $45

The apostles knew without doubt that Jesus was alive and was God’s Son, and they also knew they had been called to proclaim that truth to others. God had shown them, through the person of Jesus Christ, the only means of Redemption, and they were compelled to “teach all nations” His message of salvation by grace through faith in Christ. The first graphic novel released in this series, The Twelve, tells about the lives and deaths of the 12 apostles. (Paperback, 100 pp.)

“I have longed to see more Christian comics. I have always been fascinated by the Twelve Apostles. … I highly recommend this book, for young and old alike. It will renew your interest, and make you appreciate the Twelve even more.”

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