Family Med Packs provide our Sudanese brothers and sisters with practical help as well as opportunities to share the love of Christ with others.
Children excited about Medical Pack
“So Open to the Gospel”
The people of the Nuba Mountains in Sudan are poor, but they gladly share what they have with those around them. “Even when the [packs] are not enough, our people somehow manage to share what little they have,” Pastor Alferic said. When he has something extra he can share, Pastor Alferic offers it to his Muslim neighbors as well. “It’s not just about giving aid,” he explained. “It’s about building relationships and trust within communities.”

Aisha, pictured above, is a Muslim who sought shelter at the Yida refugee camp (home to 50,000 people) after her husband was killed by a bomb. While at the camp, Aisha received the gift of a VOM Family Med Pack from a Christian there. She was thankful for the gauze, bandages, comb and more that were included in the pack, and the Christian was thankful for the opportunity to share the gospel with her. In addition to the Family Med Pack, Aisha’s son also received an illustrated gospel tract.

“The Muslims in the region are so open to the gospel right now,” said VOM’s Africa Regional Director Sean Paton. “All the support they receive is coming from Christians.”

I Want to Help Sudanese Christians

Three Boys Reading
Family Med Packs are just one of the ways VOM is standing with persecuted Christians in Sudan. VOM is also providing Bibles, medical aid, Action Packs and support for front-line workers.

This month we invite you to make a special contribution to support our bold brothers and sisters in Sudan, who remain faithful in the face of a radical Muslim government that hates them in part because of their continuing love for Jesus. Join us in standing with Christians in Sudan and in praying for God’s protection and blessings on them.

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