A six-minute video and other resources are available to help your church prepare for IDOP Sunday, Nov. 5.
Sudanese women and children
Thousands of Churches
Will Pray on Nov. 5.
Will Yours?
The first request of our persecuted brothers and sisters is “Pray for Us!” Churches across the United States and around the world will answer their request by joining in prayer one month from today — Nov. 5 — the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP).

The Voice of the Martyrs has developed a variety of resources to help your church participate on this important Sunday, including a new video, Solitary Prayer, which tells a story from the imprisonment of VOM’s founder, Pastor Richard Wurmbrand.

Free Prayer Resources

Still frame from Solitary Prayer movie
Pastor Wurmbrand spent 14 years in communist prisons in Romania, including three years in solitary confinement. He was abused and tortured, told he’d never see his family again and told that the God he worshiped didn’t even exist.

Yet all the torture and hardship didn’t break his spirit. It didn’t keep him from loving his captors and sharing Christ with them.

As we pray for our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters, we must remember Jesus’ call to pray for the persecutors as well. We pray that persecuted Christians will have the grace and love to share the gospel with them and that they will come to know Christ.

Make sure this important Sunday is on your church calendar. Then request your free Solitary Prayer DVD and download additional resources to help your church answer the first request of our persecuted family members — “Pray for us!”

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