You prayed for persecuted Christians on IDOP Sunday. Now here are five ways you can fellowship with your persecuted brothers and sisters every day.
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Five Ways to Continue Fellowship with Persecuted Christians After IDOP Sunday
Thank you for praying for persecuted Christians last Sunday on the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. (If your church didn’t pray, see below.) Here are five ways you can continue building fellowship with persecuted believers.

Get involved, and encourage Christian friends to join in the fellowship of those who suffer because of their Christian witness.

1. Commit to pray every day with the PRAY TODAY app for your smartphone or tablet.
Download the PRAY TODAY app on your smartphone or tablet. Each day you’ll receive a specific prayer request for our brothers and sisters in hostile and restricted nations, and you can even set your phone to remind you to pray each day.

2. Receive new prayer requests by email each week.
Go to and sign up to receive weekly emails with current, specific prayer requests from Christians in hostile and restricted nations. Print out each week’s requests to share with your pastor or Sunday school class.

3. Order VOM’s 2018 Prayer Calendar to remind you to pray daily.
The Voice of the Martyrs’ 2018 Prayer Calendar serves as a daily reminder to pray for persecuted Christians and for their persecutors. Hang it on your wall or keep it with your Bible to help you pray every day in 2018. Order extra copies to share with Christian friends!

4. Send an Action Pack to persecuted Christians.
Each Action Pack provides practical items for persecuted Christians in need. It may include a pair of sandals for a barefoot Sudanese woman, a T-shirt for a displaced Iraqi Christian child who has been wearing the same worn clothing day after day, or a warm jacket for the child of a Pakistani brick-kiln worker. Each Action Pack is a tangible way of reminding our persecuted family that Christians in the United States have not forgotten them.

5. Meet persecuted Christians at a VOM Advance Conference.
Spend a Saturday being inspired by the stories of our persecuted brothers and sisters! Plan to join in a VOM Advance Conference in 2018. Find out when we’ll be coming to your area at, and contact VOM if your church would be willing to host a conference (minimum seating 600).

What if my church didn’t pray on Sunday?
It’s not too late! Talk to your pastor about having a special time of prayer on Nov. 12, 19 or 26. You can still find resources, including a new video to show during your service, at