Share stories about bold faith in the face of Islamic extremism this Christmas, and inspire friends and family to a deeper faith in Christ.
I AM N book
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Inspire with True Stories of Persecuted Christians
In recent years, Islamists have spray-painted the Arabic letter ن (nun), for nasara (a Nazarene, or follower of Jesus), on the homes of many Christians in Iraq and Syria. ISIS fighters marked the homes and businesses of Christians, giving them an ultimatum: convert to Islam, pay a tax, leave immediately or be killed.

Many Christians stood boldly for Jesus in the face of these threats. Their inspiring stories of faith, told in the I AM N Gift Pack, will challenge your Christian friends and family members to examine their own lives and faith.

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I AM N gift pack
The I Am N Gift Pack makes a great Christmas gift and includes the following items:
  • I Am N book, sharing 50 true stories of bold Christians who have faced Islamic extremists
  • I Am N 90-day Devotional that includes stories, personal applications and prayer guides
  • I Am N music CD
  • I Am N wristband that will provide opportunities to share about our persecuted family
This Christmas, inspire your friends and family with these incredible stories of bold believers serving Christ in the face of Islamic extremism.

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