Watch Tortured for Christ — The Movie in theaters beginning March 5.
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See Tortured for Christ — The Movie
Last week The Voice of the Martyrs announced the theatrical release of Tortured for Christ — The Movie. Thousands of people visited the website to purchase tickets for the movie, and unfortunately the online ticketing system locked up. As a result, many who visited the website were not able to purchase tickets.

The system has been upgraded and is now fully functional, so we encourage you to buy your tickets now at

The testimony of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand has been read by millions in his bestselling book Tortured for Christ, and that dramatic testimony can now be seen in theaters across the country beginning March 5, 2018.

More than 700 theaters across the United States have agreed to air this powerful new movie — under one condition: Each theater must sell a minimum number of tickets in order to show the film.

Order your tickets online to ensure that you and others are able to see this powerful story, filmed on location in Romania, on the big screen. When you purchase tickets, you will be helping to share the dramatic testimony of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand.

Buy Your Tickets Now
If no theater near you is scheduled to show Tortured for Christ, you can request a screening via the website. Please share this opportunity with friends, and encourage them to get their tickets now.

A percentage of every sale will be used to help persecuted Christians through VOM’s Families of Martyrs Fund.

And, as a SPECIAL BONUS, each person who preorders one or more tickets online will receive a free copy of the 50th anniversary edition of the international bestselling book Tortured for Christ.

Click on the image below to view the second trailer for Tortured for Christ, and buy your tickets now to see the film on March 5.

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Watch the Trailer and Buy Your Tickets