Habila was shot in the face after refusing to deny Christ and recite the shahada (Islamic creed). But he survived and later forgave his Boko Haram attackers.
Habila and family
“I am a Christian ... even to death.”
Boko Haram terrorists ordered Habila and his family out of their home in northern Nigeria at gunpoint. Then they told Habila to recite the Islamic creed, leave Christianity behind and become a Muslim.

“I am a Christian — and will always remain a Christian — even to death,” Habila replied. The Boko Haram terrorists looked at his wife and asked why her husband was so stubborn. Then they shot Habila in the face and left him for dead. But miraculously he survived. When he shares his amazing testimony today, he also shares that he’s forgiven the men who shot him, leaving him permanently disfigured.

“We are all condemned criminals,” he says. “Jesus died for us. He loves us. That’s why we must show that love to the people who hate us.”

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Boko Haram Fighters
Boko Haram take their name from Hausa-language slang that means “Western education is forbidden.” Their goal is the formation of a Muslim state in northern Nigeria — a caliphate where every man, woman and child is a Sunni Muslim.

They have attacked government buildings and police stations as well as churches. The group drew the outrage of the world with its highly publicized 2014 kidnapping of 276 girls, most of whom were Christians. Boko Haram attacks have resulted in thousands of deaths of both Muslims and Christians.

But Christians like Habila are not being driven out of the region. In fact, they are all the more determined to pray for and witness to their Boko Haram “enemies” and to see them come to know Christ. Learn about the challenges they face and specific ways you can pray for them by requesting a free copy of VOM’s Christians Facing Islamic Extremists guide. After you’ve requested a copy for yourself, forward this special offer to Christian friends so they can join in prayer for our persecuted family in northern Nigeria.

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