We've completely redesigned the VOM Radio website to make it easier than ever to find and listen to inspiring interviews with persecuted Christians.
Easier Than Ever to Hear Persecuted Christians Tell Their Stories on VOMRadio.net
“Eight months we [were] just sleeping on the floor [in the Sudanese prison]. Eight months! I sometimes lying on the floor … just thinking of the Lord and then the tears just coming from my eyes. Just because of the joy. I thank God … You love me. It is really a privilege to be persecuted for Your sake. Then the tears just come from my eyes. This feeling, I can’t explain it, but it was really amazing.”
–Pastor Hassan Abduraheem Tauer, on VOM Radio

Pastor Hassan’s testimony is just one of the amazing interviews listeners have heard on VOM Radio this year. And now, thanks to the newly redesigned VOM Radio website, these testimonies are even easier to find and listen to, no matter where you are.

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Todd Nettleton and VOM President Cole Richards
In addition to an improved look and feel, the new design makes it easier to find and listen to VOM’s weekly radio program in whatever format best suits your needs:

    The current week’s episode is always at the top of the page, easy to find and play right from the website whether you’re on your computer or a mobile device. In addition, you can explore the website and other episodes without interrupting listening.

  • The VOM Radio half-hour weekend program is now heard on more than 950 stations. Find the one closest to you, along with the time of the broadcast, by typing in your city or zip code.

    The VOM Radio podcast is available on every major podcast channel, with links on the home page to whichever podcast service you prefer.

And if you wonder whose story will be shared next, you can now sign up to get an email announcing the guest for each week’s program. Simply type your email address into the box on the home page.

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