Thousands of Christians prayed for persecuted believers today on IDOP Sunday. Now, study the Scriptures to find the source of our persecuted family's joy.
Faithfulness and Joy Amid Oppression: A 6-Day Devotional
Join VOM for a Six-Day
Devotional Journey
Today is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP), when churches around the world join in remembering our persecuted family in prayer. You may have seen our IDOP video about the daily challenges Pakistani Christians face simply for wearing the name of Christ in a country where 96 percent are Muslims.

Now, through a special devotional plan on YouVersion, you and your Christian friends can spend six days meeting Pakistani believers and looking at the Scriptures that bring them joy amid their daily oppression. Use the link below to join Christians around the world in the six-day devotional plan Faithfulness and Joy Amid Oppression.

Join This 6-Day Devotional Journey

Kalimi and her daughter
On day four, you will meet Kalimi and her daughter.

You’ll meet a different Pakistani Christian each day and look at what the Bible says about facing persecution, oppression and hardship with joy and perseverance. And you’ll come away with a better understanding of our brothers and sisters that we pray for on IDOP Sunday and throughout the year.

Feel free to forward this email to Christian friends or family members who would be interested in joining you in this six-day devotional. You can also invite friends within the app itself. Be a voice calling others to pray for persecuted Christians.

Six-Day Devotional Plan on YouVersion