A Bible is a dangerous book to own in many nations. Yet, Christians in hostile and restricted nations pray for their own copy. With your help, VOM is getting God's Word into their hands.
Risking their lives for God's Word - Give Bibles
God’s Word helps us grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ and helps us understand His will for our lives.

But not every believer has access to a copy of the Scriptures, especially our brothers and sisters who live in nations where following Christ is a crime.

The Voice of the Martyrs wants to see every Christian living in a hostile area or restricted nation with their own copy of God’s Word … and we can achieve it, in our generation, with your help!

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Min-jae is one such follower of Christ.
  • He became a Christian outside his homeland of North Korea during a lengthy business trip to China.
  • While there, Min-jae visited a friend’s church and fell in love with the Bible and its stories. He placed his trust in Jesus.
  • He received his own small Korean Bible months later and began to grow in his understanding of the Scriptures.
When it came time for Min-jae to leave China, someone from the church asked if he would accept a shipment that included 10 hidden Bibles once he returned to North Korea.

In North Korea, being a Christian is extremely dangerous — so Min-jae wrestled with the request. If border guards caught him, he knew he could be arrested and imprisoned in one of North Korea’s notorious concentration camps.

Despite the risks and his own fear, Min-jae knew “In God, everything is possible.”

The dangerous shipment arrived a few months after his return to North Korea. When the right time came, he secretly distributed eight of the Bibles to another Christian family in his village under the cover of darkness.

Some years later, Min-jae defected to South Korea. Today he serves his church in a variety of ways. He asks Christians to pray that more North Koreans will learn of God’s love for them.

His own hidden Bible is what sustained him when he was a lonely Christian fearful of his work as a Bible smuggler.

“I just want for North Korean people to hear the gospel and share the gospel,” he said. “That is my only prayer.”

Bibles are a precious resource.

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Many of our persecuted Christian family members still do not have a copy of the Bible and, due to hostile environments or government restrictions, cannot get one without help from people like you.

Please give today to provide Bibles to believers around the world.

Your gift will help them grow in their faith amid persecution and strengthen them as they reach others with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your prayers and gifts to get a Bible into the hand of every Christian in nations hostile to Christ.

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