Your prayers make a difference! Here are three ways you can support Bible distribution in the world's most difficult and dangerous places through prayer.
Men carrying boxes of Bibles on their shoulders
Pray God’s Word Will Go Out!
“When you pray for Vietnam,
you are working with us in Vietnam.”
—persecuted pastor in Vietnam

This month, as VOM focuses on getting a copy of God’s Word to every Christian living in hostile and restricted nations, we invite you to work with VOM’s Bible distribution partners around the world through your prayers.

Here are three specific requests related to Bible distribution in the world’s most difficult and dangerous places:
  1. Pray for Bibles to be successfully distributed to Christians living in hard-to-reach areas.

  2. Pray for creative ways to deliver God’s Word in countries where it is illegal or where those caught with a Bible are often beaten or killed.

  3. Pray that children who receive a Bible will understand God’s truth and that their young hearts will be stirred to faithfully advance His kingdom.