Countering Muslim "evangelism" with the gospel: Children living in areas of persecution make a choice that will change their lives!
The Bible introduces children to Jesus and His Word. How many Bibles will you send? Send Children's Bibles
What if it were you?

What if you had to choose between the Bible and your safety — perhaps even your life?

This is the decision many followers of Jesus must make in areas of the world that are hostile to Christ.

It is a life-altering decision, especially for children.

You can help The Voice of the Martyrs provide children’s Bibles for the next generation — children who need to understand God’s truth and be equipped to live for Him in the world’s most difficult and dangerous places to be a Christian.

Give Bibles
Children who receive a Bible are captivated by the beautiful stories of God’s love for them. Their hearts are stirred to know Jesus and they are strengthened to stand firm in their faith throughout their lives.
  • When more than 20 Christian children in northern Kenya received candy from Muslim evangelists, the children pledged to return to the Muslim faith that dominates their tribal region.
  • But just a few days later, Christian workers arrived in their village with a load of cargo that proved to be more precious and lasting than candy — children’s Bibles.
  • Fifty-two curious children received the valuable gift of an illustrated Bible — including those who had recently turned their backs on their Christian faith.
  • As they heard the Bible stories and saw the vibrant images, the children were strengthened in their faith. Many children renewed their commitment to Jesus — including some who had turned their back on Him just days earlier. Many more made the important decision to follow Jesus.
“One of the kids couldn’t stop looking through the pictures of the Bible when he received it, even after reaching home,” a VOM worker said.

You can help strengthen the next generation in their faith by giving them a life-changing gift: a children’s Bible.

Thank you!

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