Tensions have increased in the Middle East. But what about our Christian brothers and sisters serving Christ amid the upheaval?
Building in Iran; people sitting in a circle
The Spiritual Battle for Iran
Government leaders and the news media have focused much attention on the nation of Iran in recent days. But what do the increasing tensions and violent exchange mean for the church in Iran — our Christian brothers and sisters serving Christ amid the upheaval?

The Voice of the Martyrs has written a special report on the church in Iran, explaining how government oppression and internal tensions within the country are affecting our Christian brothers and sisters. The report also offers specific ways to pray for Iranian Christians during these tumultuous days.

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According to Operation World, Iran is home to the world’s fastest growing church. Iranians have seen the hopelessness of Islam as their government tells them everything government leaders do is in service to Allah. But after 40 years of such “service,” the country’s economy is in shambles and the rate of drug addiction is among the highest in the world. Iranians can clearly see that Islam does not solve the problems of a nation or the problems of the human heart.

Jesus Christ is at work in Iran amid the protests, threats and missile launches. Request your free copy of the Iran Special Report from VOM to learn how God is working and how you can pray for Iranian Christians during this crucial time in their nation’s history.

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