Christians in Iran are specifically targeted by their government, making outreach, discipleship and even arranging a worship meeting incredibly challenging.
Protests in Iran (Moj News angency ( Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0)
The Spiritual Battle for Iran
The people of Iran suffer ever-increasing hardships under the mullahs who claim to be running the government according to Allah’s specific instructions. International sanctions have derailed the country’s economy, causing a tenfold increase in the price of a bag of fruit while quadrupling monthly rent in the past two years.

Now, on top of economic catastrophe, Iranians have been further burdened by escalating tensions between their government and the U.S. Most of Iran’s people acknowledge, at least in private, that Islam doesn’t work; 40 years of Islamic rule has led to nothing but heartache and hopelessness. They are ready to hear the hope of the gospel!

Help Reach Iranians for Christ

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Iranian Christians are targeted by both their government and the Islamic religious authorities, making outreach, discipleship and even arranging a meeting incredibly challenging. All unregistered cellphones and SIM cards (i.e., “burner phones”) have been disabled, and the government can monitor all calls and text messages made with registered, legal cellphones.

The Islamic government hunts down Christian leaders and others actively sharing their faith in Christ. If arrested, these believers are pressured — and even tortured — to give up their faith and disclose the names of other believers.

Please pray for Christians in Iran. We also invite you to make a contribution to support the distribution of Bibles and other evangelism tools to Christian workers who are reaching out to Iranians with the life-giving message of the gospel.

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