How can we prepare for difficulties and persecution? Learn how the founders of The Voice of the Martyrs prepared themselves in this downloadable lesson.
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When Your Definition of a “Normal” Life Changes
Try to imagine walking down a street and suddenly being abducted or arrested by people who want to destroy you and your Christian witness. In an instant, you lose all control over whether you stand or sit, walk or run, take a step or fall on your face. Others decide whether you will continue to see your surroundings or be blindfolded. They determine if, when and what you will eat as well as if and when you will sleep. You go from living a normal life to not being able to take a drink of water or scratch your head without permission, and you have no idea if you will ever experience your “normal” life again.

How disorienting and frightening would that be? How is it possible to even think clearly in such circumstances? Yet this is what Richard Wurmbrand and millions of other followers of Christ have faced.

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Wurmbrand: A six-session discipleship study

Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand prepared diligently to stand for Christ in the extremely difficult circumstances they expected to face. They decided that remaining faithful to Jesus Christ was paramount — no matter the cost — and they knew they had to be ready for whatever that commitment might require of them. They were confident that the eternal Word of God would provide the hope and solid foundation to help them endure any trial, so they learned as much of it as they could.

With free online access to Lesson 4 of the Wurmbrand Group Study Kit, you can learn more about how the Wurmbrands prepared to overcome fear while facing difficulties and persecution.

This lesson covers
  • the power of God’s Word in preparing us to face challenging times
  • responding to fear in the strength of God’s Word
  • practical ways to start preparing

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