A wave of attacks in northern Nigeria has left hundreds of Christians homeless and dozens dead. Give now to help our Nigerian brothers and sisters.
Collage of Nigerian people; graves
IDP camps are overflowing, and aid is difficult due to the pandemic.
Like most of the world, Nigeria has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Although Nigerians have been told to shelter in place, that hasn’t slowed a wave of attacks against Christians in northern Nigeria. VOM workers reported these recent attacks that occurred within just one week this month:
  • May 16: Fulani Islamic militants attacked Ungwa Anjo, in southern Kaduna state. Two people were killed and many others displaced as attackers burned Christians’ houses and property.
  • May 18: Boko Haram extremists attacked Dapchi village, in Yobe state. The Islamists burned down the General Hospital, forcing many patients to run for their lives. Since the attack, many have been reported missing.
  • May 21: Fulani Islamic militants launched another attack in southern Kaduna state, one of many recent attacks in the region. VOM workers are still trying to determine how many were injured or killed. IDP (internally displaced people) camps are overflowing, and aid is difficult due to the pandemic.
Despite ongoing danger from both militants and the virus, VOM workers are delivering aid to Christians affected by these attacks. We invite you to make a special gift to help our persecuted Christian family members in Nigeria. Simply click on the link below.

Help Persecuted Nigerian Christians

Nigerian woman smiling

As violent attacks continue to claim lives and the coronavirus continues to spread, VOM workers are running to help persecuted believers attacked by Fulani Islamic militants and Boko Haram.

“This relief has served 1,000 widows,” a VOM worker said. “This has gone far in reducing the hunger people are facing due to the pandemic. There have been attacks by Fulani [Islamic militants] during this time, and we are looking into how we can assist those who were affected.”

Please pray for Christians in Nigeria who are facing both the pandemic and an onslaught of Islamist attacks. Pray also for VOM workers delivering practical aid as well as encouragement and hope to our Christian brothers and sisters affected by these attacks.

Help Christians in Nigeria