Camps for displaced people are overflowing in northern Nigeria as attacks continue. Christians there need your help and encouragement.
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Committed to Helping Our Brothers and Sisters
Our field workers in Nigeria recently shared some inspiring photos of their work, including one of a VOM worker wearing a surgical mask while delivering aid in a village that had been attacked by Islamists.

Although Nigeria remains under a “shelter in place” order to slow the spread of Covid-19, VOM workers have responded to a wave of attacks in recent weeks as Boko Haram extremists and Fulani Islamic militants have continued to target Christian villages throughout the northern part of the country.

We invite you to make a special gift today to provide food, shelter and encouragement to Christians injured and displaced in these violent attacks.

Help Persecuted Christians

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Your gifts to help Nigerian Christians provide
  • rice for those displaced by violent attacks
  • Bibles to strengthen the faith of believers
  • assistance to those whose homes have been destroyed
  • vocational training for widows of martyred Christians
  • tools and training for evangelists and church planters
  • other needs
Stand with our Nigerian Christian brothers and sisters by giving today.

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