VOM invites you to send a note of encouragement to your Christian brothers and sisters facing extreme persecution in Nigeria.
Collage of Nigerian Christians
Encourage Nigerian Christians
The Voice of the Martyrs invites you and your family, friends or church group to send personal notes of encouragement to persecuted Christians in Nigeria.

Your note may include a Bible verse, a prayer that you are praying on their behalf or other words of encouragement to let them know they are not forgotten by their fellow Christians around the world.

Many Nigerians read English, so you can communicate with them directly. Click the link below to write your note, and VOM will deliver it to a Christian in Nigeria.

Send a Note to a Nigerian Christian

Nigerian children standing; picture of a letter

Many Christians in northeastern Nigeria have lost family members in attacks by Boko Haram or Fulani Islamic militants, and entire church congregations have been displaced. Worshiping openly requires great courage, but your personal note will encourage these believers to continue faithfully following Jesus Christ.

After writing your note, please share the link below with Christian friends and others in your church or Bible study group so they, too, can help encourage our persecuted Nigerian family members.

Write Your Note Now