Two years after the Chinese government raided Early Rain Church, its members and leaders are still being harassed. They ask for your prayers.
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Help Persecuted Christians in China
Two and a half years after Chinese authorities arrested more than 100 members of Early Rain Church, including its pastor, Wang Yi, church members are still being harassed for following Jesus Christ.

Last November, about two weeks after Elder Yangquan Li was detained for worshiping online from his home, local officials cut off his utilities and internet service. Elder Li’s landlord was also forced to evict him and his family.

Elder Li, whose family is closely monitored by police, asks Christians in the United States to pray for his family and for Early Rain Church. “We pray that we depend on God when we lack, because apart from Him we have no good thing,” he said. “We pray God makes us put our trust in Him at this difficult time. We pray the Holy Spirit fills us to respond to our situation with gentleness and respect.”

Support Chinese Christians

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Christians throughout China are well acquainted with persecution. They have come to expect it as they work to advance God’s kingdom under the watchful eye of the Communist government. Christians in China pay a price for being Christ’s witnesses, from having their churches closed to being arrested and imprisoned.

Despite ongoing persecution, however, our Christian brothers and sisters in China continue to share the gospel with their neighbors. Your support helps them in the following ways:
  • Provides legal help and other assistance in response to church closings and arrests
  • Provides Bibles to meet the great demand
  • Provides ministry tools to equip front-line workers who share the gospel and lead churches
Pray for our persecuted Christian family members in China. Pray for the salvation of their persecutors and for the advancement of God’s kingdom in this heavily restricted nation.

Help Believers in China