Chinese authorities are restricting the production and sale of digital Bible products. Stand with Chinese believers enduring increased persecution for their faith.
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China Restricts Audio Bible Players and Online Bible Sales
In recent years, the Chinese government has increasingly restricted the manufacture and distribution of digital Bible products.

Lai Jinqiang is a Christian businessman whose company at one time produced and sold the most audio Bible players in China. But in 2018, he was detained and charged with “unlawful business operation.” Four other Christians are currently on trial for manufacturing audio Bible players.

In addition, authorities recently arrested the owner of an online Christian bookstore and launched an extensive investigation into everyone who had purchased from the store. Government officials confiscated books and interrogated Christians who had done nothing more than shop at an online Christian book retailer.

As persecution against Christians increases throughout China, our brothers and sisters continue to follow Christ in faithful obedience. We can offer them encouragement and hope by standing with them in prayer and helping provide for their needs.

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