Christians facing Islamic extremists often must choose between obedience to Christ or death. Find out how you can support those who follow Christ at any cost.
Amir, praying
Bold Faith in the Face of Death
Amir received an alarming phone call as he traveled with his wife and a friend in the Middle East earlier this year. The caller, a member of an Islamic extremist group, warned Amir that they were watching his family and had seen his son attending church. The Islamist told Amir that if his son continued to attend church, Amir would “reap what he sows with his only son.”

The man also asked Amir what kind of financial support the church was giving him. “The only support they are giving me is the joy and peace of having Jesus Christ as my Savior,” Amir replied.

When persecuted believers like Amir face opposition from Islamic extremists, encouragement and support from the global body of Christ assures them that they are not alone. Here are some of the ways your gift for Christians facing Islamic extremists may be used:
  • provide medical care
  • furnish temporary shelter
  • supply food and other needs
  • equip our brothers and sisters to be bold witnesses

Support Christians Facing Islamic Extremists