In the Central African Republic, biblical Christians are being attacked by both sides in the country's long-standing civil war. You can help.
Several people in the Central African Republic
Help Persecuted Christians in the Central African Republic
Despite being thought of as a predominantly Christian country, the Central African Republic (CAR) is a difficult place for biblical disciples to live today.

Since 2012, Islamic rebel groups, often called the Seleka, have caused civil unrest. And fighters opposing the Seleka, known as the anti-Balaka and considered to be mostly “Christians,” have carried out brutal revenge killings. As with the Seleka, some anti-Balaka have even targeted biblical followers of Christ. In truth, the anti-Balaka are simply non-Muslims.

While 85 percent of the CAR’s 5 million people identify as Christians, only 30 percent are thought to be committed followers of Christ. These believers are increasingly attacked, driven from their homes and even killed.

Help Christians in the CAR

Children outside their house

Since the fighting began, more than 1.2 million people have been displaced by violence in the CAR. Roughly 600,000 refugees live outside the country, and another 600,000 live in camps for internally displaced people (IDP). VOM is serving more than 45,000 Christians living in these IDP camps, providing them with food, medicine and tarps for shelter.

“No one else is caring for these believers’ spiritual needs,” said Jeremy Malkin, VOM’s regional leader for West and Central Africa. “To even address these needs is an amazing logistical challenge. It is incredible to see how that is being done with the help of missionaries who have lived in that region through their relationships with local pastors.”

You can help Christians in the CAR who have been driven from their homes because of their faith. Your gift will provide care for those who have lost everything for the sake of the gospel and provide Bibles and other ministry tools to those serving on the frontlines.

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