Christians in Afghanistan are working to advance the gospel even amid Taliban control. Learn how you can encourage and support them.
People in the streets of Afghanistan
Afghanistan Under Taliban Control: How Is It Now?
During the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, many Christians made the courageous decision to remain in the country as a witness to Christ. “There are still thousands of followers of Jesus in Afghanistan,” a front-line worker said.

Those faithful believers are working to advance God’s kingdom despite danger and opposition, as economic instability and uncertainty have left many Afghans desperate for hope.

“Recently, some Afghan families heard the gospel and have become followers of Christ … through local believers,” the front-line worker said. “Because of the oppressiveness and because of the desperation, … [Afghan Christians] have had multiple opportunities to share, to be salt and light, to serve, to give food, to reach out in practical, tangible ways but then slowly talk about the Good News and how they have discovered eternal life through Jesus Christ.”

As our Afghan brothers and sisters continue to boldly advance the gospel in Afghanistan, you can encourage them through prayer. Here are specific ways to pray:
  • Pray that Christians in Afghanistan will experience the joy of the Lord even amid suffering.
  • Pray that they will experience God’s peace and provision.
  • Pray that they will have opportunities to share the love of Christ with their neighbors and that members of the Taliban will repent and place their faith in the one true God.
You can also support our persecuted Christian family in Afghanistan by giving to help meet their needs. Your gift may be used to help those who have been persecuted for their faith, to replace Bibles that have been destroyed by persecutors, and to equip front-line workers with ministry tools that help them continue their work to advance God’s kingdom inside Afghanistan.

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