Umida's brothers beat and ridiculed her, but it only strengthened her desire to share the gospel and pray with Christians facing persecution.
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“I like to walk that path with them.”
Umida lives in Central Asia, where women often go unnoticed and unappreciated in the conservative Muslim culture. Her brothers treated her badly, telling her she was the ugliest girl they had ever seen. “For 10 years, I didn’t laugh at all,” she said.

When her older sister shared the gospel with her, Umida joyfully placed her faith in Christ. In Him, she found peace and freedom. But when her brothers learned of her Christian faith, they beat her and took her Bible. Although she received replacement Bibles, her brothers continued to take them, destroying six Bibles in all. Umida then moved in with another Christian woman for two months, receiving Christian teaching from the woman before returning to her village. Now, she often drinks tea and shares the gospel with other women, telling them about the joy she found in Christ.

“I know what persecution is,” Umida said. “For this reason, I like to pray for people who are in persecution, and I like to walk that path with them.”

Pray for Them

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Join us in prayer for Christians like Umida and others in Africa, the Middle East and Asia who face persecution at the hands of Islamic extremists.
  • Pray for the wisdom and boldness of Christians sharing the gospel with Muslims and teaching new followers about Christ.
  • Pray for the perseverance of Christians who face threats and opposition from Islamic extremists, hostile governments, their communities or their families.

More Ways to Pray