She was 16 when her father kicked her out of the house for becoming a Christian. You can help encourage others like her to stand firm in faith.
Kicked Out by Her Father at Age 16
MaLaiWan’s eyes filled with tears as she recalled the moment her father ordered her to leave. “He was so angry,” she said. “The village leader did not like that I had become a Christian.” When her father forced her out of the house, she had no money and no place to go.

Fortunately, Christians in a nearby town took her in. And years later, through MaLaiWan’s faithful, loving witness, her father came to faith in Christ.

Help Persecuted Youth

Burnt out house

Young Christians like MaLaiWan face persecution in many parts of the world. Some suffer violent attacks in which their homes are destroyed and their parents are killed. Children and youth in these situations are often forced to flee their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

By sponsoring a Christmas Care Pack, you can reassure our young Christian brothers and sisters that they are remembered by the global body of Christ. These packs include a Bible, Christian literature, a toy, school supplies, clothing and hygiene items. Many children who receive Christmas Care Packs say they have never received a Bible of their own.

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