In the predominantly Muslim country of Niger, Hanafi wears a large wooden cross around his neck to attract attention and encourage questions about Christ.
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A Burning Desire to
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As a young Muslim student, Hanafi often wore all white or, occasionally, all black clothing. He wore the two colors to signify his Islamic identity and devotion, blending in with other devout Muslim students.

Today he wears vibrant clothing, colorful silicone wristbands and a large wooden cross around his neck.

Hanafi, now 29, admits that he’s trying to attract attention, but only for a higher purpose. He wears the eye-catching colors as a bold, visible declaration that he is one of the few Christians in Niger, a majority-Muslim nation.

“When you see me, you will know my identity,” he said. “If you are not a Christian, your heart will hopefully tell you something, and maybe you will talk to me.”

Those who talk to Hanafi don’t leave without hearing his testimony.

As a teenager, Hanafi studied the Quran in hopes of one day inheriting his father’s position as the village imam. His father had sent him to neighboring Nigeria to further his Islamic studies for two years, and while there he had a dream about Jesus.

When Hanafi told his imam about the dream, the imam urged him not to tell anyone else. But later, after Hanafi had finished his studies and returned home, he had the same dream again. This time he told his father.

“Don’t share this story even with your brothers,” his father said. “Remember what happened to Joseph when he dreamed and he told his brothers?”

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