When a Bangladeshi imam named Abdul came to know Christ and started sharing the gospel, a family member called for his death.
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The Imam Who Found Jesus
By age 25, Abdul had achieved his goal of becoming an imam and started teaching Arabic, the language of the Quran and other Islamic texts, in Bangladesh.

After studying and teaching the texts for the next 25 years, he became curious about the prophet Isa (Jesus). Though he had never read the Bible, Abdul felt there had to be more to Jesus than he had learned through his Islamic studies.

One night while riding his bike, Abdul, who was 50 at the time, encountered what appeared to be a bright light and was compelled to stop his bike beneath a tree. Then he heard a voice speak to him. “It was clear that someone was talking to me,” Abdul recalled. “I stood there and didn’t see anything. I wasn’t afraid, but I stood there and listened.”

Abdul then heard the voice say, “Don’t go down this road; take this other road.” Confused, he simply rode his bike home.

Sometime later, while walking alone at night, he heard the voice again. “There are so many prophets, so many people gone,” the voice said. “But I am alive and I am coming again. I am the light; I am the way, the truth and the life.”

Though he felt like he was going crazy, Abdul realized that Jesus had been speaking to him. That’s when he began to follow the spiritual road toward Christ, a decision that led to a debate with his family a few nights later about the importance of Jesus.

“Nothing else was important in my life,” he said, “not my family, my property. It was all nothing. My only desire was to know more about Jesus. In my heart, I could talk to him.”

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