After suffering persecution, Edosa nearly walked away from her faith. But encouragement and support from Christians like you helped draw her closer to Christ.
The Voice of the Martyrs
Edosa sitting on a couch
From Doubt to Faith Again
After Edosa heard the gospel in a church in Benin and placed her faith in Jesus Christ, her aunt beat her and kicked her out of the house. She lived on the streets for months until a Muslim woman offered her a place to stay and a job as her house cleaner.

Edosa had to sneak out of the woman’s home in order to attend church. And when she returned, she got the same harsh treatment she had received from her aunt. The woman also withheld wages from Edosa for being a Christian.

Over time, Edosa questioned whether becoming a Christian was worth the persecution that came with it. “Where is Jesus?” she asked herself. “I have chosen to follow him, but he hasn’t come to save me.”

Amid her anguish, Edosa began to read God’s Word with her pastor’s wife, who provided encouragement and served as her mentor in faith. “She told me to stand fast,” Edosa said, “that Jesus is still at work in my life.”

Help Persecuted Christians

Edosa with other women

After experiencing more beatings from her boss and homelessness yet again, Edosa received help from front-line workers. They provided her with a sewing machine and tools, a motorcycle to help her get to church, and a rented building where she could live and work.

Edosa was overwhelmed with gratitude for the support she received from the global body of Christ. She felt as if her life had been restored.

“When I saw everything belonged to me,” she said, “I didn’t know what to say. I started crying. I was very, very happy, and I am grateful to God.

“I will ask [Christians around the world] not to be tired of praying,” she said, “of supporting orphans, widows and the persecuted … who are suffering like I suffered. My faith has come back. I now believe that the Lord can rescue. I just had to be patient.”

You can help persecuted Christians like Edosa. Your support not only helps meet the practical needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ but also strengthens their faith and serves as an answer to their prayers.

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