Front-line workers are serving earthquake victims with kindness and love.
The Voice of the Martyrs
Front-line workers standing on top of rubble
As the Gospel Spreads,
Hope Rises from the Rubble!
God is working in amazing ways through the faithfulness of front-line workers in both Turkiye (Turkey) and Syria.

A TikTok video circulating in Turkiye shows one of many examples.

Screenshots of imams on social media apps
In the video, which has been viewed thousands of times, two Islamic teachers are warning their community about “Christian missionaries” who are “serving soup, cleaning up the environment every day, showing respect as they provide food to the hungry and helping those in need with tenderness and love.”

“Be careful of them,” the imams warn, “and keep your distance.”

But what they meant for evil, God has used for good!

  • As a result of the viral video, there has been an overwhelming increase in people coming to the church, looking for hope, asking about the gospel and wondering why these “Christian missionaries” are serving Muslims in this way.
  • And as community members seek out front-line workers for help and hope, they are asking for Bibles!

Please support front-line workers through prayer and giving now. Your donation will equip them with Bibles and help them respond to earthquake victims with food, water and the hope of Christ.

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Front-line worker helping in Turkey

God is using your support of front-line workers to make a difference in Turkiye (Turkey) and Syria.

Families are struggling and in need in the aftermath of devastating earthquakes.

But through your prayers and gifts to support front-line workers, hope is rising from the rubble!

Front-line workers are responding to the overwhelming need in the name of Christ — serving food, providing clean water, and sharing the gospel with survivors and their families.

You can continue to support the efforts of these front-line workers with a donation now.

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