The persecution of Christians continues to increase in China under President Xi Jinping. Will you give to support persecuted Chinese Christians?
The Voice of the Martyrs
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More Persecution, More Growth
The persecution of Christians is increasing throughout China. President Xi Jinping has established himself as a modern-day emperor, whose Chinese Communist Party seeks to control every aspect of religious expression in the country.

Party officials have ordered churches to begin all meetings with patriotic, pro-communist songs rather than Christian hymns and to place a portrait of President Xi in a prominent location inside the church.

Churches are also expected to install cameras that enable police to monitor all activities and identify everyone present. Online worship has been outlawed, and uncooperative pastors are arrested and given long prison sentences.

Help Chinese Christians

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Amid this persecution, the church in China remains steadfast, boldly working to advance the gospel despite daily risks. They are in urgent need of your support to help them continue proclaiming the gospel. You can stand with persecuted believers in China, helping

  • equip house church pastors and evangelists to minister faithfully amid great adversity
  • provide Bibles to Christians throughout the country, giving them hope and strength through God’s Word
  • support the persecuted and their families through spiritual and practical assistance

Your gift today will be a powerful defense against oppression and a tangible expression of unity with our Chinese brothers and sisters in Christ. Let’s show them they are not alone and that their faith and witness matter to us!

Help bring hope and light to China. Support persecuted Christians through your generous donation today.

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