Radical Hindus in India have become increasingly violent and open in their persecution of Christians in recent decades. Learn more.
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India Now a “Restricted Nation”
Radical Hindus in India have become increasingly violent and open in their persecution of Christians in recent decades. While The Voice of the Martyrs had previously designated India as a “hostile area,” that designation has been escalated to “restricted nation” to reflect the current reality for Christians there. Since India’s election of Narendra Modi as prime minister in 2014 and his reelection in 2019, our brothers and sisters in Christ have experienced a marked increase in opposition and violent attacks. This persecution under Prime Minister Modi is occurring in a country that has been called the world’s largest democracy and that claims to allow its citizens the constitutional freedom to profess, practice and propagate their religion.

VOM’s designation of “restricted nation” is normally reserved for countries with federal laws restricting Christian worship and witness, but India’s situation is unique. Modi’s leadership has advanced not a law but an ideology called Hindutva, or Hindu purity, that has resulted in the persecution of Christians. This ideology is Hindu nationalism at its core with the goal of creating a “pure” Hindu nation. Hindutva, as embraced and promoted by Prime Minister Modi, has created an unquestionably restrictive environment for Christians throughout the subcontinent.

Historically, the persecution of Christians in India has occurred mostly at the leading edge of gospel ministry, in predominantly Hindu areas. The situation has changed.

“Now, this is the full-fledged urging of Hindu nationalism, which is to eliminate Christians from the ‘Hindu homeland.’”
—Cole Richards, VOM President

You can learn more about India’s designation change in the Special Report included with your February magazine, which should be reaching your mailbox soon. For an overview on persecution in India and ways to pray, select the button below.

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Christians in India are facing increased opposition and imprisonment from Hindu nationalists, who seek to eradicate their witness for Christ and establish a purely Hindu nation. Despite beatings, arrests and even the murder of loved ones, persecuted Christians in India faithfully continue to advance God’s kingdom.

Today, you can stand with them to help meet their needs and encourage them as they share the gospel at great cost. Your gift will help Christians who have suffered persecution or whose family members have been killed or imprisoned in India.

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