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The Voice of the Martyrs
Pastor Emmanuel standing outside
“If not for the help of God, I would have been beaten to death. If not for God’s grace, I would have died.”
Pastor Emmanuel Maigairi had just finished praying with his wife and mother-in-law when the sound of gunfire erupted outside their home in Nigeria’s Kaduna state. Within minutes, nearly three dozen militant Fulani Muslims had burst into the house.

The militants ripped the curtains from the windows and used them to bind and blindfold Emmanuel, his wife, Ladi, and his mother-in-law. “You are going to suffer in the bush,” the group’s leader said, “and if we like, we might kill you.”

But Emmanuel boldly replied, “I have given myself over to God, and I am ready to die.” The attackers then led their captives into the forest.

By the grace of God, Emmanuel’s wife, Ladi, and her mother were released during the difficult journey. Despite being beaten and cut by a machete, the women survived.

But Pastor Emmanuel was led to the militants’ camp, where other prisoners were being held hostage. For more than a month, he endured violent beatings, a machete attack, and the deplorable conditions of the camp. Yet he would not renounce his faith in Christ.

“I had faith that God was there with me,” Emmanuel said. “I prayed constantly. If not for the help of God, I would have been beaten to death. If not for God’s grace, I would have died.” After more than a month in the militants’ camp, Emmanuel was finally released and returned to his family.

Today, despite continued risk and many threats on his life — his house was recently burned to the ground — Emmanuel continues to serve Christians in Nigeria.

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It takes great courage and faith to openly worship and serve Christ in northern Nigeria. “Christians can no longer move about freely because kidnapping is on the rise,” a front-line worker said. “People are not even safe in their own homes, and people are traumatized every day because of the incessant kidnappings and violent attacks.”

No matter the cost, our brothers and sisters are standing up for their faith even in the face of persecution.

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Thank you for supporting Christians like Pastor Emmanuel and his family. “There was a day someone asked me to leave my station because of what happened,” he recalled. “But I said, ‘If I leave there, which pastor will want to serve in this community? If I can endure it, it will be an example to others.’”

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